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23 to 27
Thursday, September 27, 2012 // 0 comment[s]

actually our trip is on 24-26
but we went to Penang on 23rd.
stay a night at friend's house first.
let the photos voice out. :)


this is so yummy!!
our dinner

at jetty, 10 of us. :)

park "our car" at the hotel we stay.

six of us in a room. XD
 after all things, went to Dataran Lang after having our late lunch.

eagle on my head. ^^  

10 of us. :)

not to forget, gangnam style!! :P
our successful jump~
the night, had dinner at Artisans Pizza which located near our hotel.
we walked there.
and have our yc session at a cafe.
great walk with them. XD



came here and had a memorable day...
funny day.
once we reach here, it started to rain.
all of us waited at a shed.
not only us but many of other visitors.
meanwhile, some of them started to walk in.
awhile later, rain stopped and 9 of us walk in too.
just 9 of us and another waiting us at the shed, she's Alice. :)

when we wanna back, lot's of monkeys follow.
one of the monkey snatch my friend's plastic bag and wanna run away.
fortunately, a handsome angmo chase and take it back.

when we reached the shed, we saw lots of people shouting to the monkey up the tree.
it's one of my friend's stuff!
the monkey took it from the shed.
they threw stones and it threw the plastic bag down.
save again. :)

while waiting, we were surrounded by few monkeys.
they trying to snatch something from us!
friends with umbrella try to fight with them.
it's so embarrassed!
many visitors seeing us just like watching a funny sketch.

the moral of the story: DO NOT BRING PLASTIC BAGS

after that, it's time to "play" water!!
i didn't wear contact lens. :(

ready to run. XD

started with this. XD
yucksss, what's she doing?!
10 v's
hello, it's me!!

before leave...
he likes our Hui Yee. :)


in cable car...

a tiring day.
have our dinner at a seafood restaurant. (i forgot what name)
once we reach, i saw Yap TM.
he and his friends just reached too.
i'm surprised.
they following us?? LOL

the night, i got a bit unhappy.
some of them enjoy the candles.
some of us in a tired mood.

see my stupid face.
some area turns red especially my nose.
they keep on saying my cheeks are red, some said pink.
FYI, i didn't apply any sunblocks the whole day.
i guess this is the consequence...



the last day, we're here to snap as many photos as we can.
until started to rain. XD

with Mun Wei :)

flower series

plain and stripes series

in our room.

after check out, prepared to shop for chocolates!!
some of our baskets. ^_^

our car photo. :)
we back to our friend's house at Penang.
some back to their hometown...
me and few wait for the next day.
back to Kampar!!


my stupid look in the bus.
not forget to smile, really swt.

have a memorable trip with them.
different feel~

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Saturday, September 22, 2012 // 0 comment[s]

so so so hate my final timetable.
three subjects in a row!
8th, 12th, 20th, 21st, 22nd
that's all.

fed up with all that.
hopes all's going well.
praying hard.

anyway, going to have my very first trip with utar gangs!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012 // 0 comment[s]

got his jersey. force me take this photo. ==

9 & 10 Sep

both day went to Ipoh.
shop shop shop and my loves one bought what he wants.
he bought more than me.
and i bought him a puma jacket. :)

in kbox :P

opps! too big for him. XD

stupid face...

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phone drop
Friday, August 31, 2012 // 0 comment[s]

today is phone drop day!!
not mei di ka
both my new and old phone dropped several times.

night ate at Restaurant Jia.
took lots of photos but just selected few.

too less...maybe...

do re mi...

the birthday girl :)

noob sis

happy family

xuan to

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